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  • 6/30/2019
    Please read the handout to make the best use of the Portal and new changes being made for portal use. 
  • 7/29/2018
    Just to explain more why I cannot except patients who refuse to immunize their children at all or accept alternative schedules. 
  • 7/27/2018
    This is old knowledge but being brought forward into the care of your children. We are trying to work this into the flow of the visit but for now is for reader interest. 
  • 7/27/2018
    With the rise of urgent care centers and after hours clinics, it CAN SEEM like an easy decision to get your child seen any time they are sick, even if we are open.  READ ON!!
  • 7/27/2018
    Some great information about head injuries for all ages and sports. 
  • 3/3/2018
    Although we don't want to address this subject our young teens our searching these sites for information.  Help protect them 
  • 2/10/2018
    If you have somehow been missed or have not had a PE for over a year CALL now. We do Sports PE's too. 
  • 8/22/2017
    We will provide the education and tools needed to empower parents with lifelong learning about their child's health and well being. 
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