Well Visits

To keep your children healthy, it is important to bring them in for regular checkups. Your first newborn appointment will be shortly after you leave the hospital and each appointment from then on is scheduled at the time of check out.

Letting us know ahead of time of problems (for example concerns of ADHD) will help with scheduling. Another appointment may have to be made due to information that has to be collected.  Most Well Visits are covered by insurance at 100% without a copay. If additional issues (outside of the normal well visit) are discussed, there will be a copay for the prolonged office visit. Please bring all forms (child care, pre-school, school, sports & camp forms) that need to be filled out to each well visit.

In an attempt to help with the visit length the surveys that are assigned at many visits MUST be completed before the visit. You are informed of this in many ways. If you do not have a home computer, you can still do this from a smart phone. You will have one warning and at the next visit that requires a survey, you will be required to wait in the lobby till they are done and others will be taken ahead of you. Also PLEASE be on time as this is just being curteous. Also a parent or guardian must accompnay the child/teen under 18 years of age unless an emergency.  This is not a new rule and the appointment especially if for a well visit WILL be rescheduled. 

At this time I CANNOT care for children whose parents do not want them vaccinated at all. I know there are alternative schedules, but none of these have shown to be effective as those recommended by the AAP and CDC at this time and often leave your child unprotected for some diseases. 

The following is a schedule of the check ups that will be scheduled.