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This website, offers you a tremendous amount of information that although we try to cover in the office is limited by time, but is now available for review at any time. There may be some differences as often I have been at a conference and information provided in these links is only updated periodically. 

We have changed to a new schedule and it is great BUT to make it work please be on time, call ahead if you need someone else seen and do surveys that have been assigned to you ahead of time as this will shorten your time in the office. 

We HAVE to stick to the rule and you all have known about this for years that a parent or the guardian MUST come for visits unless it is an urgent visit.  I cannot get the information I need to do a proper job if someone comes with the patient that does not even live in the home or is not on the HIPPA form.  Well visits are very complicated now and a lot of information is being provided at a visit that is not being relayed back to you as the parent.  This is just common sense and I know it is difficult for all of us who work (me too) but you know well in advance of the appointment and can make arrangements!
​We will serve a a medical home for patients by coordinating, managing and integrating the various aspects of their health to ensure comprehensive, holositc care. By having this medical home, we are also able to know our families and caretakers on a personal level resulting in individualized care. 

We will promote the health of our patients by providing comprehensive, personalized healthcare along with dependable patient education.

Our services will be delivered by quality and committed staff.
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